There’s nothing we like better than a good recky around the shopping mall to check out what’s going on. We cruise the walkways looking at what’s around, and sometimes even stop to get our nails done!

We all pile into the specially fitted KaraHands van and off we go, ready for an adventure. What flavour muffin shall we have with our tea? Or maybe it’ll be a hot chocolate instead.

It’s just one of the everyday things we do with our kids, and everybody joins in. There is no grocery shopping to fit in, or other chores to work around, it’s purely a trip to the shops for the fun of it.

At KaraHands we offer more than just a place of care, we offer opportunities to experience everyday events like cruising the shops, going to a café, and even getting nails done . There’s lots more things to do at KaraHands, so watch this space to find out what else we all get up to.