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Are you caring for a child with ‘high or complex medical needs’?

Anyone caring for a baby, child or young adult with complex, medical needs deserves time out for themselves and their family.  KaraHands provides you with this break.

It’s important that we get to know you, your child, and your family, so we can build a trusting relationship.  By working together, we can be creative with the care we provide, bespoke to your child’s individual needs; we can provide friendship and support, as well as introducing you to other families.

Your child shouldn’t have to miss out.  KaraHands allows your child to experience opportunities of friendship, outings, ‘sleep-overs’, and all the other day to day activities and experiences that others take for granted.

Applying for assistance can be daunting so we will guide you through the process so it’s one less thing you have to think about.

Helping hands with disabled kids

You deserve time out for yourself and your family on a regular basis to enable you to continue your role as a Mother, Father or Caregiver.

Working together

By working together we can be creative about how to provide you with support, friendship and fellowship with us and other families.


Rights of children

Your child has the right, to experience opportunities of friendship, outings, ‘sleep-overs’ away from home as others do.



We can assist you with the Application process (The Red Tape!!)


We have compiled a list of organizations that may be helpful to you. Visit our Information Resource page here


We like to get to know you, your child and the whole family. Get in touch for a chat, using our online contact form

How you can help us

We appreciate kind donations of koha

Below is a list of the many ways you can help us to continue making a difference.
Please also view our donations page

As a charity; we appreciate the kind donations of KOHA. We keep a growing garden and some chooks to top things up and the kids love to join in looking after these with us.

We generally cover the cost of the extra daily expenses, and the help from these kind donations eases our finance worries.

This is not a job, but a vocation for us and we ‘Love it’. We believe it is truly voluntary.
We are not part of any social or religious organization, but we do understand the power of divine love.

Koha donations, can be made directly to our door, we are always welcoming of visitors bearing gifts.

Become a Life Saver, If you happen to find yourself in a position to make a financial donation, please contact us through our contact form, thank you.

Donations in Memory; many people now choose to remember a loved one by donating, in their memory, to a favourite cause or charity.


Legacies, A will is much more than a document. Gifts from wills are a wonderful opportunity to help with the work we do at KaraHands.

Social Network – spread the word. ‘Like Us’ on Facebook, Tweet about us, Tell your friends about us.

Consider volunteering a little time; for example, we would love help from a handyman, gardener, cleaner or if your vocation is in child care and you are looking for work experience please contact us for a chat.

Gift Vouchers in any amount is a lovely way to help with the day to day expenses, adventure outings and general activities for the children.
Previous generous voucher have been for; New World, Pak’nSave, The Warehouse, Mitre 10, Bunning’s, Palmers Garden Centre, Warehouse Stationery, Petrol vouchers, Movie tickets, Cafe vouchers