We are lucky to have helpful Shuaib around. He loves to get stuck in and help, whenever he can. He doesn’t even mind doing the dishes, so long as he feels he’s helping out.

Not everyone is always as sure of his helpfulness though. Like the time Anna was having a bad hair day, and Shuaib insisted on helping to brush it for her, we thought maybe we had a budding hairdresser in our midst. Anna however, wasn’t entirely convinced Shuaib was actually helping, but she showed great patience in letting him help.

Interaction and friendship is a very important part of growing up, and at KaraHands we make it part of our role to help the kids get along and make friends. We often have more than one child at a time, which offers opportunity for them to socialise and play together.

We’ll have more stories about friends and their adventures coming up.