How we can help you

You deserve time out for yourself and your family on a regular basis to enable you to continue your role as a parent or Caregiver.

How To Help

We do not hold a Health Ministerial Contract, nor are we owned by an organisation or facility. KaraHands is an autonomous domestic home within a local community, developed over time.  We Haemorrhage money at weekends and school holidays and of course there are always those running repairs and maintenance jobs needed to keep a home in good working order. We keep a growing garden and some chooks which the kids find very amusing. As a charitable Trust, we always appreciate Koha, donations and support.

Our Philosophy

We like to get to know you, your child, and your family, so we can establish a trusting relationship with each other. This may take some time as we learn about the unique and special ways of your precious child.

Our’s is a family home, not a Respite House.

About Us

KaraHands offers friendship, a caring environment and family support.  Over time we have built strong bonds with our families, we have all been enriched by the experience of caring.  We are committed to working with families by ‘sharing the care’.


“The spirit of each of us has the right to be here.  Sometimes the joys and challenges of this life can give others the opportunity to share the care.”

KaraHands is a charitable trust with a difference.  It was initially created and developed by three Nurses and has been in existence now for over thirty years. We have created a homely environment where babies, children and young people can be cared for with love and dignity, experiencing fun and excitement, within a safe and secure environment. We provide personalised family-centred care.

KaraHands is our home, and it can be your kiddies home away from home:

  • It’s a place that is safe, warm, fun-loving, and inviting
  • It’s where we can all make a difference
  • It’s not an agency, service, or respite care facility.
  • We do not have a Health Ministerial Contract
  • Even with the ever-changing developments of modern medical technology we still strive to be as normal as possible, seeking always to see the beautiful soul within the child, not the difficulties, challenges, tubes, and other foreign paraphernalia!

It is our belief that any person, whatever age, and no matter how complex their care requirement, can benefit from the family style care provided by the qualified and experienced team at KaraHands, a private Wellington home which has been renovated to be disability friendly.

We have shared in the lives of many families for many years and have become valued members of those whanau and their support networks.  We believe passionately in the value and strong bonds we forge, and it is our privilege to become trusted members of the family groups and true friends to the people we care for.

We are not solely focused on care.  We love to play, create adventures, and see those that we care for grow from the experience we offer in this unique environment.



The greatest rewards in life are the ones that challenge us to look inside ourselves as we look at those living around us


Helen Henderson

Come Visit Us

If you know anyone that would like to know more about KaraHands, just contact us and we can chat further. While there is a ‘waiting List’ it doesn’t hurt to have a chat.

Our Home. Our Family. Our Community

Home and family are the key to our philosophy.

Care and love begin at home, and that’s how we work, as an extension of that home and family.


Specialised Care Facilities

Our Wellington home looks like any other, but look a little closer and you will see a that the changes made are in keeping with the surrounding community.

After years of modifications, additions, equipment fittings and alterations for more space, we have a home that functions well for those complex care needs.


We have a handy ramp to ensure our children can access the house easily whether they are in a chair or not.  Built in as part of the first major renovations we did to adapt our home.

The Necessities

Fitted with wet area shower, hydraulic change table and bidet, our refurbished bathroom offers not just bath time but a bit of fun too! We also have a spa bath upstairs for a bit of therapeutic relaxation.

Practical Convenience

Being a two storey house with the bedrooms upstairs, we had a special “magic carpet” elevator fitted ready to transport tired kids and their chairs up to bed.

Loving care that changes lives


In amongst the daily grind of caregiving, we find time for fun friendship, and many entertaining outings.

Everybody loves a good outing, a real belly aching laugh, a shared problem, a cheeky game, a bit of competition, and even the odd tear to help move on. We love to play, create adventures and see those that we care for grow from the experiences we can offer in a full time caring environment.


What Our Families are Saying

It gives me truly great pleasure to write this.

Cathy and Helen have been our tower of strength for about 4 years with help with respite care for our 11 year old Down Syndrome and Autistic daughter. 

We have coped as a family with their timely intervention where Abbie has been staying at Karahands to give us a much needed break. 

The introduction to overnight care takes a little time but is very much worth it as Helen and Cathy can look after Abbie without having any surprises. 

Basically they knew her well, so that anything she did was not unexpected. We really appreciate KaraHands ongoing support and I have no reservations about recommending them to other parents.

KaraHands provided us the opportunity for sanity through respite care. 

Because of this we were able to travel; refresh and replenish on life that we couldn’t always do as a family with Ella. 

Ella loved visiting and staying with her friends at KaraHands, especially the warmth of their hearts and hearth.
Whenever we would arrive to pick her up Ella would be beaming with happiness and that spoke volumes of her stay.

They Rock!

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