The Faherty Family

The Faherty Family

We have 2 sons, Adrian, and Dom.  Adrian was born at 31weeks gestation and his bumpy start to life has left him with Cerebral Palsy. It wasn’t until he was 8yrs old that we found KaraHands.

KaraHands became a crucial part of our lives and wider family, providing not only respite care, friendship and fun, but also a safe place for Adrian to grow through his teenage and adolescent years.
“The Ladies” as he calls them, gave him the opportunity, away from his parents, to stretch his wings in a safe environment and have some more ‘everyday’ teenager experiences.

But KaraHands also provided our family with a network of support that we really appreciated over the years, especially when events arose that needed Adrian to be looked after so we could take care of a situation; like the sudden hospitalisation of our other son Dom, and how “The Ladies” came to our rescue taking Adrian on a surprise holiday while we tended to Dom for a week.  

“The Ladies” have a unique approach to caring for their extended families, and very much include the family in every choice and decision, even holding great parties where we could network with other families in the same position as ours.

In 2011 Adrian, now older and after 16yrs of being cared for at KaraHands, moved to his “new flat” at Kingfisher House, but he and his “Ladies” still keep regular contact and their friendship remains strong.  
Having KaraHands in our lives is quite special and we can’t thank them enough for all they gave us.